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ISIS in America—Why Not?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The reality of being an iGuerilla is that you don’t need a membership card. ISIS claims to have 71 “trained soldiers”, 23 of whom have “signed up for missions”. Why not; to be an iGuerilla all you need is a FaceBook or Twitter account. ISIS is in iGuerilla movement; part virtual and part physical. You need not travel to the Caliphate in Syria, train in an ISIS camp or meet an ISIS recruiter to be awarded the title of operative—all you need do is declare allegiance.

iGuerilla organizations and their hitmen are decentralized, distributed and self-tasking. The Texas duo who attacked the Mohammad cartoon contest were almost assuredly ISIS. All they had to do was say so and when they launched their futile attack they became bona fide shaheeds. iGuerilla groups don’t issue orders. They radicalize and motivate in dark-net online chatrooms. The iG bosses sit back and wait for their robots to strike and claim credit.

These guys are the human terror lottery. Their masters whip them up and wait for them to self-destruct. Hopefully most will fail like the dynamic duo in Texas did but some will tragically succeed like the murderous villains who hit Charlie Hebdo did. We were fortunate this attack took place in Texas, a state that still believes in the 2nd Amendment and American exceptionalism. Texans won’t be caught powerless, watching from their apartment windows like their Parisian counterparts were. In Texas the terrorists get the OK Corral not a shooting gallery.

Self-radicalizing, motivating, training and tasking terrorists are the wave of the future. The more often their attacks end in failure, as in Texas, the less often they will occur. Vigilance and quick reaction will keep a lid on this aspect of the iGuerilla problem. We can’t stop Internet radicalization since there are too many dark corners and work arounds buried in the web but we can ‘stake out’ likely targets and hit the terrorists as soon as their ugly heads pop up out of their holes.

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–Peter J. Schifferle PhD, Lt Colonel.(ret) Professor, School of Advanced Military Studies U.S. Army.

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