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Persian Arrows

Monday, May 25, 2015

Persian Arrows and Immortals

Iran threatens to ‘rain down 80,000 missiles’ on Israel after Jewish state’s defense minister is misquoted as saying he intended to hurt Lebanese civilians and children.

The headline hit the UK Daily Mail on Tuesday, May 26th. It also hit the Jerusalem Post, the Algemeiner, La Prensa and a host of other papers around the world. Misquoted Israeli diplomats and bombastic Iranian threats are nothing new but this threat has history behind it.

In 480 BC it wasn’t the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei and his Hizballah iGuerilla Army stalking tiny Israel; it was the Persian Emperor Xerxes and his elite Immortals stalking tiny Greece. Then as now, the Persians and all their allies couldn’t overrun their smaller but more capable foe. The Greeks held the Hot Gates, Thermopylae Pass, through which the Persians had to pass to sack Greece. It was 7,000 against 150,000 but the narrow battlefield denied the Persians the advantage of their numbers; they had to go toe to toe and they consistently lost. Even the renowned Immortals were stymied.

Eventually a Greek traitor showed the Persians a way to bypass the gap and surround the Greeks. The Spartans released their Greek allies and made their ‘last stand’ of King Leonidas and his 300. The Persians dared not fight it out. Instead, they rained arrows down on the Spartans heads and didn’t advance till most were dead and all were wounded.

Iran is stocking up on missiles and is arming its proxy iGuerillas, Hizballah, who are arming their proxy iGuerillas, Hamas. It has been
clear since 1973 that Israel cannot be defeated in the field by its Muslim neighbors. It looks like Khamenei is taking a page out of Xerxes book.

Beware the Persian Arrows.

Read about them in iGuerilla: Reshaping the Face of War in the 21st Century.

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