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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Islamic State may be losing its mojo. Their vile terrorflicks are not scaring Libyan civilians or Syrian Kurds like the Iraqi Shias.

IS took it on the chin in Libya where a popular uprising, backed by Islamists and the Libyan Military, kicked them out of their stronghold city, Derna. It’s a crushing blow but not necessarily good news since the winners were the Mujahideen Shura Council (DMSC), an Al Qaeda militia. The DMSC/Libyan National Army backed the people in an impossible alliance pre-IS. The DMSC is not as extreme as IS but they are extreme—the people of Derna still face Sharia style rule.

In Syria, the Kurds took Kobani and used it to launch an attack on Tal Abyad, which they took. Ain Issa also fell, putting the Kurds within 30 miles of the IS faux capital of Raqqa, Syria. The success links Kurdish fronts and cuts off smuggling and recruiting routes to Turkey. Not good for the Islamic State.

The victors claim that Syrian Kurdistan is a reality and there’s no going back, echoing IS and its claim that their Caliphate is here to stay. It’s another Middle East statelet emerging from the storm.

In any event, IS is going backwards and the effects of their horrific videos may be losing potency. If opponents shed their fear of IS genocide, all that’s left is warfighting and the Kurds and Libyans have shown that IS may not be anything special after all.

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