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Monday, July 20, 2015

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Caliph Ibrahim), the Islamic State overlord has reportedly decreed a ban on the further use of execution videos as propaganda since they are thought to be discouraging young recruits from signing up. He worries that the loops scare children and offend Muslims.

The International Business Times reports that Baghdadi told his media offices to stop depicting graphic violence in their agitprop videos; no more beatings, beheadings, crucifixions, hangings, burnings, or drowning’s. The decree supposedly angered hardline Islamists who want to keep them as a means of terrorizing their enemies...but Ibrahim is the Caliph. End of argument.

Of note; IS cancelled the videos; not the barbaric killings.

On the flip side, the State Department has apparently just created an anti-IS video that highlights the very violence that Baghdadi just cut.

According to a CNN Report:

“The brutal mock ISIS recruitment video starts with a simple
phrase: ‘Run. Do not walk to ISIS land.’ Then a body is thrown off a
cliff. Complete with crucifixions, Muslims being whipped, shot in the
head at point-blank range and thrown into ditches, the grisly video is
the latest State Department effort to push back against ISIS recruiting
efforts by highlighting the group’s barbaric nature.”

IS propaganda strives to project an image of romantic freedom fighters acting out of devotion to Islam. State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications mocks the IS manicured image by highlighting their bloodthirsty killing and showcasing the skills a recruit can expect to master as an ISIS terrorist such as; “blowing up mosques,” “crucifying and executing Muslims,” and “plundering public resources.”

It ends by mentioning that travel is inexpensive “because you won’t need a return ticket.” Then a human being hurled off a cliff.

Why the shift away from terror-porn by IS and the gritty move towards it by DoS?

• The number of anti-social psychopaths who were motivated to join IS
are now surpassed by the would-be supporters who are motivated to
resist IS.
• The escalating brutality has come to resemble a Hollywood splatter
fest sequel like Friday the 13th III, Halloween IV or Saw V—a cheap
shot at new thrills. IS has been exposed as evil rather than pious.
• The IS bloodland (Caliphate) is awash in serial and spree killers who
have scared off the professionals and alienated the population that
Baghdadi hoped to coopt.
• The first wave of IS executioners is becoming dysfunctional as
happened with SS and NKVD mass murderers in WWII. They descended
into despondent alcoholic lethargy or escalating violent savagery.
The only cure was to make the killing less personal.
• An aspiring Theocracy cannot have a degenerate message in the 21st

2014 was a year of conquest and expansion for the Islamic State. It required a violent killer cadre of butchering psychotics who were willing to scare the hell out of the enemy while pacifying the newly ‘liberated’ Muslims.

2015 has all the earmarks of being a year of defeat and retreat for the Islamic State. If so it will require a steady hand of disciplined professionals — the opposite of what IS has been recruiting so far.

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