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Trojan Horse

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Most know the admonition to ‘beware Greeks bearing gifts’. Troy opened its gates to accept the Greek Horse as homage to its victory only to find that it was an extension of war rather than an offering of peace.

An updated version of the above might be; ‘beware of Persians making Promises’. Islam provides three divinely sanctioned ways for Muslims to deceive ‘unbelievers’ aka Infidels.

Taqiyya is dissimulation allowing a ‘believer’ to deny his faith or to commit illegal or blasphemous acts while under threat (pp 111, 152, iGuerilla). It was founded by Shia centered in Persia (modern Iran) to defend against the Sunni majority. It’s now accepted by all Muslims defending against infidels who ‘threaten’ them. It’s legal to lie to Infidels.

Islamic deception also includes Kitmān (secrecy and concealment) and Ḥiyal (deception and legal trickery). Theses allow Muslims to use ambiguous statements as political camouflage to conceal opposition. this includes oath-trickery or the formulation of ambiguous statements to be taken as an oath or promise that deliberately include loopholes.

Iranian negotiators in their suits and ties act in accordance with western traditions while answering to Ayatollahs and Mullahs in their Turbans and Robes who act in accordance with Islamic norms.

An Iranian promise to infidels is about as reliable as a Greek promise to Trojans. Troy learned its lesson over 3000 ago AFTER the Greeks attacked. We cannot afford to learn the same lesson today AFTER Iran builds a nuclear bomb.

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