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Monday, August 31, 2015

The only thing offensive about the Anbar Offensive is its lack of offense. The Iraqi Shia militias and their Iranian overlords seem intent on dithering...nibbling on the edges while allowing the IS defenders to dig in deeper and prepare more booby traps.

Perhaps this is the effect of IS terror tactics; no Shia wants to be captured alive by the Islamic State. Lucky captives are shot. Others get their heads sawn off with dull knives or are burned alive, crucified, drowned or blown up. Undoubtedly, these visions dampen any warrior’s spirit.

Another more nefarious motive could also be at work, albeit unintentionally I expect. The captive Sunni population of Ramadi and the surrounding towns are chafing under IS rule. Recently, the citizens of a town were punished in mass. Their leader was executed, a population of 200 or so was held captive and scores were tied to telephone polls for a 24hr period as punishment.

It wouldn’t hurt the Shia’s feelings any to see the restive Anbar Sunnis roughed up by IS.

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