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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rome’s fall was accelerated by the barbarian invasions that began in the 4th Century. The Ostrogoth’s, Visigoths, Goths, Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Franks and Huns transformed Rome and precipitated its downfall and the onset of the Dark Ages.

Today’s Muslim immigrant invasion is dominating the political, economic and media scene in Europe, perhaps with the shadow of Rome looming in the background. I know given my recent trip there.

• The Islamic State says it has infiltrated 4,000 fighters among the
• Immigrants have rushed border police while yelling Allahu Akbar.
• UN Reports indicate that more than 70% of the immigrants are young
• EU Reports indicate that only 20% of the immigrants are fleeing
• Hungary closed its borders arguing that allowing Muslims come to
Europe to escape a brutal war is not the same as allowing them to
come in search of a ‘better life’. They also argue that a Muslim
flood could erase Europe’s Christian identity.
• Croatia has also closed its borders says it has already taken in
more immigrants that it can afford and says that it will not allow
itself to become the highway to Europe.
• Saudi Arabia imports workers but has not taken in any migrants
although they are offering to build mosques in Europe to support
those of have fled there.

If Europe and America do not aggressively screen and monitor incoming immigrants, there will be a dramatic escalation in terror attacks throughout the western world.

If Europe allows Muslim self-segregation rather than forcing assimilation, they will find themselves reduced to dhimmitude.

Western civilization is rooted in Judeo-Christian religious moral values and Greco-Roman liberal-democratic political values which are fundamentally incompatible with intolerant Muslim theocratic values. The question is; who’s civilization will it be?

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